Anonymous Tactics vs OunerZ


We had bit eazier match tonight so I turned all stones to gather as inactive team as I could. Defence was me and Demonaz featuring WoW-ZaRaK and Lurker-Thorm. Offence was Ameepa, korpse, Samus spiced up with Army-ViltZ. So only three really inactives came to play :( We played Roasted and Siege Mentality Reloaded, talking about some change for a change...

1st Round - Roasted League

Thorm top, Demonaz low, ZaRaK HGW and me engy. I had these cool SG positions which all raped until rest of defence sucked and let people into FR. Demonaz just loved their offy engy strategy from water. This used to be such a cool map to play but due telefuckers, it is nowadays boring as hell.

Roasted League

2nd Round - Siege Mentality Reloaded

Mark Simpson has revised the original Siege Mentality, which I have never played. ZaRaK was afraid that his mouse's battery is going down so I played HWG, Thorm was lift, Demonaz FR and ZaRaK engy. Not much action for some odd reason, me and Ameepa swapped at the end.

Siege Mentality Reloaded


Thanks for playing. OunerZ got served :) Merci et desole.

- Rojola


Roasted League
Siege Mentality Reloaded

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