Anonymous Tactics vs Crap Fun Clan


Some match cancelled so vipey asked HiiliZ if we could play against a clan called Crap Fun Clan. Haven't played against these guys before and they were bit lower standard than us but that didn't bother us (WIN DOESN'T SMELL $$$). Maps were 2kfort4 and Stowaway 2. I suggested that we would use some bit different tactics this time as otherwise the match would be utterly boring for their offy and our deffy... Maybe.

1st Round - 2kfort4

Defence as following... Me TSP, JaNordy lift, DMW spiral demoman and Demonaz HWG at the basement. Offence was Ameepa, korpse, primalco and scrappy. Our offy got quite few flags and their offy got some touches too, naturally. At some point they lost a player but then they received some odd dude who played offence HWG for some time :D I think someone said it was a yank called Orange. Way to go Agent Orange! It was fun round to play overall.


2nd Round - Stowaway 2

Oh boy, this round was kinda bad in MANNERS when I started to think about it. We had DMW on steps playing as demoman, Demonaz in RR playing soldier and Janordy on upper lift as demoman also (he asked so nicely if I let him play demo so I just couldn't say no). I was moogling around the FR with heavy guy (should have used soldier but I never started to question my class selection). I thought that setup would let them to get some touches etc (well they got two caps didn't they?) but they were not so happy as WE HAD THREE MIRV CLASSES ON DEFENCE. Didn't even noticed to think about issue like that. Anyway, they were not happy and left the server after some global whining, from some guy. This round was dante's hell.

Stowaway 2


If cfc is a clan with some older dudes who play every now and then, tries to have fun etc then I humbly apologize as I made an ERROR IN JUDGEMENT. If you guys are some teenagers, then fuck off.

- Rojola

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