at | vs. [CiC] - War report by Rojola


Our last match in WPTFC, we had good line-up so it was quite easy prey for us. Maps were Roasted_l and Shutdown_l, we don't play Shutdown very much but Roasted is like our unofficial home map or something...

Round 1 - Roasted_l

Mezger was playing engy as vulture is on vacation, he played clang-clang style so our sentry was up most of the time. I played my normal pos at front of respawn and Gunni under me at lower T. Demonaz played in FR as HW guy and kept FR clear, they got only few touches bu nothing serious. Offence played very good and brought 10 flags, which is good result in map like this. There was some potshotting in midfield and some backtracking in the end.


Round 2 - Shutdown_l

I played in offence as MaTokainen took his place in defence. This map has never got popularity in our clan but we were able to pull the one and only flag out. Match went to haywire quite soon our cap as ppl started to play midfield quite heavily. Soon it was full carneval alltho we got their lasers down couple times. I think they got our lasers down once but didn't get a touch.



Well, my first real match after I got my conn, went pretty ok I guess. Defence kept zero tolerance and offy did their job fine. GG peeps and CiC, eat more ice-cream boys.