12.4.2009 ] [ TFC 2009 ] [ by Rojola
Uhm yea, I kinda forgot to update the site so this would be the situation around April :DDDD

Welcome to TFC 2009. It seems that the half-life for TFC is 10 years as in 1999 the game got out and the 8v8 games began. Ten years later and Wireplay decided to put up a 4v4 ladder for our amusement. We accepted the challenge of course so here we go again. To be in the right TFC mood for some Anonymous Tactics action, you must click the link below, it's delicious.


Non-finns might find this useful while they listen the magical defence voice coms... Quite amazingly loads of people are still willing to give it a go. You can see our active members from the roster page. Angel and Sacred are finally in the clan after a long and hard trial period. Welcome guys.

On Valentine's Day the clan got seven years old and we're ready for the TFC elementary. I guess we might need some work on the basics as some of us have not played TFC for a long time now. The ever epic AT MEETING is taking its place on this year also of course. This time it will be special as it will be the 10th anniversary meeting <3

Comps are better, cocks are bulging and we're ready to kick some god man ass! If I read the signs correctly, we'll be starting to play 2v2 ladders in 2019. Cock your shotties, chain-prime your grens and lets have a blast!

In other news, Samus has bought a dog.

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9.11.2008 ] [ Is it update time now?! ] [ by Rojola
Damn right it is :DDDD Oh well lots of stuff to be said and done really. Uhm... we played total of 777 TFC matches and they are all added now. We also played Fortress Forever and Team Fortress 2 when those games came out last year and we pretty much owned in both but got tired pretty quickly. Nothing beats the good 'ol TFC. JaNordy made report from the very first TF2 match, I'll try to find it and get it onto site also.

We held a clan meeting in last August if I remember correctly and below is the traditional team pic. No new faces aboard this time but some old ones made comeback... Well, actually only Verikoira :)

Anonymous Tactics Team

There is still some stuff to do with the clan and with this website. Yes, you have heard correct that AT AVI is coming out soon!! This Full HD TFC spectacle will blow your brains out as from the gigabytes of demos only the best from the best are selected into this multimedia gangbang. Me and Mythed have done some effort for it already. Also there are some broken links in the webby as I finally got out of university with my Master's degree and my web account from there got deleted. Hmm... Anonymous Tactics was created when I started in uni and now we stopped playing TFC as I graduated... Coincidence!? Dunno.

Some broken links here and there will hopefully get fixed when I have more time. We are still going strong in IRC and our priv chan is, to my surprise, pretty active with many people still online. We are missing some fine badasses though so Arro, JaNordy, Bat etc... If you get this message, get to IRC to have a last blast with the past.

We haven't still decided what we would started to play as a clan. Fallen Empires: Legions from www.instantaction.com was pretty cool and I've heard that FF would be nowadays close to playable even. Time will tell.

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14.1.2008 ] [ TFC is not dead. ] [ by Rojola
Enemies of TFC have spread these ridiculous allegations that TFC is dead. This is not true. TFC is not dead nor even close to death. The scene is active and happy. Even now there are hundreds of players playing TFC. New community sites and leagues are starting to pop up, clans are getting formed, and people all over the world are coming to see the latest trend in multiplayer gaming.

TFC is NOT dead!!

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23.8.2007 ] [ Meeting is adjourned ] [ by Rojola
8th meeting between the beer drinkers in the clan has adjourned. There were 17 guys present, an all time high. Everyone was secretly expecting some belgian female booty to be seen in the meeting, but we just had to settle for a scottish hairy ass instead. For some reason, the guys we're just as excited however :)

Clan scene in TFC is getting down by a lot. Not many opponents left to play and we're pretty much at the top of the foodchain with our DIAMOND EDGE LINEUP. FF is overrun by fanboys who are missing the sensible, yet calm voice of caesium who tries to keep the clan style flag up. It seems that for Anonymous Tactics, the next reason to live is tadaa... Team Fortress 2.

This just came in. It seems that the FF might be worth of try after all ;) Riz got kicked out from the beta though, which serves him right ahahaha :DDDD

Anonymous Tactics Team

Here is a picture of the team. Pic was taken on the last day of meeting. There will be more pictures and videos once I have arranged it all together and find out where we can host this huge media blast. Will be up by tomorrow.

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12.7.2007 ] [ Short break ] [ by Rojola
Anonymous Tactics will have a short break due my own personal vacation. Meanwhile the clan leader will be JaNordy, so if you wanna arrange friendly match or just have a casual chat with a living legend, talk to him. We won't be playing any league games before I'm back, as they tend to be fucked up when I'm not around. I will be back on sunday 22nd. As a sidenote, [DW] has announced their interested to play a friendly match against some clan in the near future, I've offered our clan for the job but I doubt they wanna play against the Flying Finns.

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6.7.2007 ] [ Summer ] [ by Rojola
Summer is here again, yey! Last update was in May so I've been slacking a bit, apologies for that :P We've done pretty well lately, mostly wins but few losses every now and then to keep the interest up. We also have two new members, teme and MantiZ.

teme is Finnish dude, true Helsinki City Boy and he plays mainly scout offence. His hand is more or less fucked at the moment so don't let the active roster listing fool you. MantiZ is from Scotland and we have hard time to understand his jibberish thru the thick accent. MantiZ is supporting the clan very well as versatile allrounder player. Think we're going to make him play demoman a lot.

Clan meeting is coming up on next month. This time it will be four day event with three days to get loaded. Place is the same cottage we've rented before and first time in AT history we might have a non-finn in the meeting!! Date for the meeting is August 16th - 19th.

Fortress Forever and Team Fortress 2 should be finished pretty soon. Couple more months I guess. FF is taking a more of a carbon copy approach to TFC where as TF2 is making some radical changes (no frag grenades ffs!?). AT beta testers in FF haven't been really active lately but there has been some major updates recently so I guess I'll find few extra hours to visit the FF beta servers.

We're different!

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